Why Basic Legal Knowledge is important for everyone

Rohit Kumar
3 min readMay 15, 2020

Knowledge of the law is very essential; it helps us to promote legal culture. Every member of society should have the basic understanding of law. Commonly, the law is understood as a set of rules and regulations followed by society i.e., the present rules of the society. The laws help in the proper functioning of the society. Something, which forms the integral part of community is law and shouldn’t; be ignored so easily. Laws act as a guideline and create certain binding duty imposing responsibilities.

Society at large believes that it is just the law students or the lawyers who should attain legal knowledge, without even realizing how important it is to understand the primary legal education. It is essential and society should at least have the basic idea of laws, i.e. from fundamentals rights to laws relating to consumer protection. People think that it is not their cup of tea, therefore never putting an attempt to gain knowledge of the same. Therefore, when an individual right is violated in many instances, it is not because, primarily due to lack of knowledge.

Why Basic Legal Knowledge is Necessary?

There are specific questions that are left unanswered like “What would you do if someone stops you from entering a public place?”,“What would you do if someone denies you an opportunity without any valid reason? Maybe a person is aware that yes, his right is infringed, but the question here is, “Which right is infringed?” “How to enforce it.” This gives a scope to the people infringing it. Many people are not even aware of their fundamentals rights as provided by the Constitution.

So, the primary reason that makes it essential to know the laws is as it allows a person to protect himself/herself and also making sure that they are acting lawfully. Similarly, when you do a business, basic knowledge of contracts and agreements will make it easier. Knowledge of the laws, enhance the life quality of the, reduces the tax burden also by providing legal codes mentioning procedures for seeking statutory deductions.

Legal Rights that everyone should know

  1. The Motor Vehicle Act, 1988 that states that a person can be arrested without a warrant if found drunk (more than 100ml alcohol in the blood content) while driving.
  2. The Code of Criminal Procedure mentions that no one should be arrested before 6 A.M and after 6 P.M except after taking necessary permissions.
  3. A Police officer cannot refuse to lodge and FIR.
  4. The Maternity Benefit Act, 1961 states that no company can fire a pregnant woman.
  5. A very few people are aware of the fact that if agas cylinder blasts during the cooking of food, the gas agency is liable to pay a compensation of Rs. 50 lakh to the victim.
  6. If a person is penalized for a crime (like riding without a helmet or any other reason), then cannot be penalized for the same reason on the same day.
  7. A shopkeeper cannot charge more the Market price stated in the product.
  8. When you’re Breaking Copyright Law
  9. Taking and Sharing Photographs/ Videos
  10. Right as a tenant

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(Asst. Prof. Arushi Dhawan)